Thursday, August 14, 2014

Of Blueberry Bushes and Princesses

Just finished working in the blueberries, trying to weed them out. Stopped and came in and feel all shakey and funny. Maybe too much sun, maybe not eating.....maybe both......

There always seems to be something going on with my poor
physical self, never mind my mental stability.
Keep on keeping on is about all I can do.

Last evening I attended an Princess Tea at a neighbouring Community Hall.
My granddaughter is the Princess representing this community in a local annual celebration
called Gala Days. 
She made a little speech, as did her counterpart from last year, and then was presented with her 
'crown'. She will have a very busy time leading up to the labour day weekend.

Coffee, tea, sandwiches and sweets followed the speeches and presentations, and the girls
spent some time chatting with the folks present. 
I was a little hyper, a result of not feeling that great. I get a little foolish, and people laugh. Strange.
Definitely no pictures of me. Facebook took care of that.

Sadie having a little rest on the doorstep
The clouds are building up, though the sun is still shining through. We are supposed to be in for a 
rainy day. 


  1. Bonnie,
    Your granddaughter is so lovely.
    And Sadie is adorable.

    I love blueberries , did Sadie help with the weeding ? LOL
    Take good care of yourself

    Hugs to you and many blessings

    1. Sadie supervised the weeding...and since I just have the two bushes, it did not take that long. Sadie has little patience with me, and so we don't stay at it too long at one time. She finds the heat too much some days. I am getting a few berries, if I get there before the birds. Appreciating the hugs. Sending some back to you.

  2. Take it easy with the weeding, Bonnie, especially if it's hot. I try to do mine early or late in very sunny weather.

    Your granddaughter looks lovely and she will have fun with the Gala Days.