Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April First

What a silly title, but perhaps not. We have to have April first, then May. Ah, May! I hope that by the time you dance into being, you won't be wearing snow boots and parka. I just read through a gardening blog, and enjoyed the colour of flowers, and the hope of spring.

The sun is shining this morning and there is a faint blue sky. The tons of snow along the roadsides has become a grey and black mess. It is, however melting, but it looks so unsightly.

My youngest daughter told me that I had been very 'quiet' lately, and I guess I have. March was a difficult month to get through, and I realized that I hadn't painted, written very much, or felted. I do admit that I had several afternoon naps.........does that mean I wasted a lot of hours?

If I feel down, I only need to go to her blog, and look at the little lambs, new spring life. Beautiful babies.

I started this early this morning, and now it is evening, so I shall bring this to a quick close for now.

Here are a few pictures of my dear little Sadie. She has had a difficult few weeks, but she is stronger than I ever realized. She's my girl!

She isn't quite as bright eyed as she once was, but if I had had 5 seizures in a row,
and what seemed to me like a stoke, I might not be bright eyed either. That was three weeks ago and she has gotten stronger, which is amazing, and we are still just taking
one day at a time.

Cheers for now, and here's to Spring!


  1. Oh, poor little Sadie .. she is so adorable .. give her a big hug from me and I send one to you also dear Bonnie ..

    Happy Spring ...
    We are expecting snow , sure looks like it right now and it has been so springlike ...oh well, that's Colorado for you ! LOL


  2. I forget to wish you a happy Easter ... hope you have a beautiful day!
    I am taking Rose on an Easter egg hunt tomorrow ...that will be fun!

    Hugs xx

    1. A wish to you for a Happy Easter as well Margie. I hope you and Rose have a wonderful egg hunt. Hugs and blessing to you.

  3. Poor Bonnie, your spring is a long time coming. If it's any consolation, we drove north through Scotland on April 1st, accompanied by heavy snow-showers all the way. It's not just in Nova Scotia.

    I'm glad Sadie has recovered somewhat from her seizures and stroke. She's so pretty. :)