Monday, April 6, 2015


A beautiful Sunrise Service was held yesterday morning in the cold of the dawn. People gathered at the church for a time of worship, followed by breakfast and warming up.

Some of us were very cold, and some of us were very sleepy, and some of us were both cold and sleepy, but it is a wonderful tradition to gather together for a Sunrise Service. We are fortunate to have a dedicated Social Committee to prepare a welcomed breakfast, and for me a hot cup of coffee!
Our regular Easter Worship followed at eleven.

In the afternoon, the snow began to fall, and for a while it was quite heavy, then later in the day the sun came out and brightened what was left of the day.

At least the new snow fall covered the dirty snow that lined the roads.
I really have to search for a good thing to say about snow.

I enjoyed a few little chocolate eggs to help drown my snow sorrows.

Someday my Spring will come......


  1. I'm glad you were able to mark Easter with a wonderful Sunrise Service, despite the snow, Bonnie. Your winter really doesn't know when to stop this year, does it?

    1. Definitely not Perpetua. Note today's blog. I think I am going a wee bit crazy. :)

  2. What a wonderful way to begin Easter Sunday with the sunrise service!

    Spring is coming, I promise ...LOL


    1. The Sunrise Service is always very special. The three services we have at Easter are really important to me. I know that spring is coming, but I fear that I shall have to wait till July to see it. Hugs.