Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Graduation Time

It has been a hectic few days, but now all the celebrations are over, except for the celebration of Canada Day today.  The hectic days refer to the high school graduation of my eldest granddaughter, and the middle school graduation of my youngest. One forgets how much goes into a high school graduation, what with prom, banquet and the actual graduation, and the multitude of pictures taken.
Not so much for the middle school, but still a big step in my L's life. Heading off to high school and lots of new adventures. For R it will mean moving away from home to begin University in the fall. Things will definitely be different for Mom and for Grammy.

It must be okay for a grandmother to fill up with pride in her girls, not just the graduates but also their Mom, and their Aunt H. Seeing them together, I just wanted to hold on to them so tight. They are so precious to me.

Life goes on, and each of "my girls" (which is what I call the four of them), have their own paths to take. The older ones are further along and have made their big life decisions. The younger ones are yet to see their future unfold. Lord bless them as they begin on their new paths.

Pictures in the orchard

Graduation Day
Both ceremonies were on the same day

All dressed up for the prom

It is a weary grandmother who now writes this. I am physically and emotionally drained, but such joy fills my heart. Soon these events will be but memories, but good ones I hope. A family gathering, parents and grandparents who want nothing more than a wonderful memory of two young ladies who have accomplished something special. I might add that they both graduated with honours.
The summer days will be filled with fun and adventure and work (on the farm) until September rolls in and a new stage begins.


  1. Both are beautiful young ladies. Yes,the memories remain and with pictures they can be relived often.

    1. Beautiful inside and out. Of course I'm a little biased. With digital, I have to remember to print them off. :)

  2. Congratulations! This is one of the happiest times for a grandparent - to see the growth and accomplishments of her grandchildren and to applaud their efforts. Rest and rejuvenate.

    1. You are quite right Barb. It is wonderful to see how well they have done. I just have the two so all my affection is centred on them of course. As for 'rest', I keep feeling that I should be doing something productive. I really must get past that and do some more painting or felting, or maybe just reading. :)

  3. Goodness, I am having the hardest time leaving a message
    I have already done too but they did not appear!

    Now I will try again

    Wonderful post , Bonnie , I know how proud you are of your lovely granddaughters and I love the photos.

    See you in Sept ..
    Have a wonderful summer
    I am off to Scotland on July 23rd


    1. That one worked ...Yay !
      That should have been 'two' LOL

      Now I will write a little more ..
      I have not been visiting anyone in Blogland but had you on my mind hence the visit ..
      It was such a joy to share in your joy dear Bonnie ...

      I hope to be back to posting in Sept so see you soon!

      I truly am looking forward to out trip to Scotland ...the land of my ancestors ..

      Blessings well

    2. Looking forward to your blogging in September. Hoping you will enjoy your trip to Scotland. Hugs.