Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer time and the living ain't easy.....

The last couple of weeks have been a little busy, as we have had our house painted, and that meant an opportunity to get the storm windows off and get them cleaned, and so I have been washing windows. It is nice to have a new paint job for the house. It looks pretty good. The painter unfortunately sprained his ankle at a ball game, and finished the house while he was nursing a very sore leg. He was determined. There is still a dormer that needs some work, but that will have to be in a few days.
As a seasoned window washer now, I can say that using vinegar and water is much better than that 'unnamed' spray stuff. It works quite well.


It is haying season, and once L started to cut the hay, all I could think about was Sadie. This was the best time of year for her. How she loved it. Yesterday, I took her ashes up to the hill where L was finishing up and we sprinkled some of her ashes over the hayfield, had a good cry and again said goodbye. I also let some blow around the edge of the field where she would sit and watch, and a bit around one bale that was sitting close to the edge. I could picture Sadie sitting up on it, so proud.

It has been extremely hot here in the valley. We haven't had much rain. A bit fell yesterday morning but not enough to soak in. I feel so bad for the folks out west who are facing the wildfires that are endangering whole communities. I hope they get some relief soon. So much woodland that is tinder dry, gone up in fire and smoke.

Saturday, H came to visit with the purpose of doing some work in the attic. We managed to get a bit done, but it is like a furnace in there. H suggested that we have a yard sale, since there were some things that were too good to throw out but that I would never use. Between H and D and I, a decision has been made to have one in August. Here I am a Maritimer, and I have never held a yard sale. I've been to a few, but not on a regular basis. Folks here call it 'yardsaling' (not sure how to spell a made up word). I thought that was a right of passage for anyone adopting Nova Scotia as their home, but I guess I came before that law was in the books.

Not a very exciting post, but it is all I got.....(smiles and chuckles)

Have a great day.

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