Saturday, August 8, 2015

Off to White Point Beach

       #2 Daughter, HJ treated me to two nights away, at an ocean front resort. It was so enjoyable, to be able to sit or walk on the beach, watch and listen to the surf, and talk and laugh with H.
I have been to the ocean many times, but for me this was a little vacation away from everything. A recharge as I mentioned in my last post.

This is the main Lodge where the dining room, lounge,
and pool are found, along with other activity rooms

A look at the lodge from a ways down the beach.
We walked to where I took the picture. 
It took a while, with lots of stops, but
I made it there and back without H having to carry me.

The surf, with folks in wetsuits catching some waves. This
is the Atlantic Ocean so that water is very cold.
H and I had our poor little feet in the water, and they became numb very fast.

White Point is known for its rabbits and this little one, which
I called Flopsy spent a lot of time outside our cottage.

We did not have a cabin on the ocean, but rather our back deck
looked out on the estuary. It was lovely, and peaceful.

This is the other end of the beach where there were very large
rocks. Spent my last morning sitting here watching the waves,

This is a huge fireplace/chimney in the main lodge.

We have several webcam views of various places in Nova Scotia. You can view the beach
and hear the surf with the webcam at White Point. ( )

To be quite honest it was hard to leave this lovely spot, where the only decisions I had to make
was when or what I wanted to eat, and whether or not I wanted to walk on the beach or go for
a swim in the heated pool. And no housework, dishes, laundry or meals to get.

Ahhhhh, so nice. Then after 2 nights away, it was back to my reality. It seems the Captain
required his supper and had been waiting for me to get it. (I got home just after 6 pm)

Hmmmmm...Yes dear...........(would this be Wed, Thurs or Fri supper? Oh Kentucky Fried did
Wedensday and Thursday? You don't want to know, so it must be Friday's. I am so indispensable .........)

I want to go somewhere else, now!

Just kidding.......
no I'm not.....
Oh well....


  1. Sounds like you had the perfect little get away.Sometimes these short times away can be more refreshing than a long stay.

    1. It was lovely Ruth, and wonderful to spend time with my daughter.

  2. How beautiful! I'd love to stay there sometime. I visited Nova Scotia about 35 years ago and loved every corner of the place. It's magnificent. Glad you had such a great break.

    1. I am an adopted Nova Scotian, but feel this is much more home that southern Ontario, where I grew up. It is a special place, there is no doubt about it. The break was wonderful.