Thursday, September 3, 2015

September Daze

September…. A time for back to school adventures… a new grade, and a new school. My youngest granddaughter set off to high school early this morning, and the oldest one will leave for university on Sunday. Even when you know it is coming, it is still hard to settle it in your mind that the little ones have grown up so much.

Soon it will be time to get back to my regular activities, choir practice and Bible Study. I have to start revving up my mind to thinking about these things.

I have spent some time lately doing felting and have come up with these little creatures

I have also been doing some painting, and hopefully will get it done before too long. I am working on a picture of a deer in the woods.

A little update on the card from the last post. I counted years, even on my fingers and am sure it could not have been my 29th birthday, as neither one of the girls could have made it when I was 29. Perhaps they were trying to be kind, and took 10 years off.  Very strange. J

I was able to have a little get together with D, R, L and R’s friend C and his mother C. It was a nice evening, and I was happy to do it as a way of wishing them a good year. C’s mother brought me lovely potted mums. So pretty.

Have a great week and best of luck to all the young people who read this blog. Blessings as you return to school. 

Oh yes, I'm the one who is in the September Daze.........

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