Sunday, October 2, 2016

October Already?

The air has changed with the season. Warm and sultry has become cool and clear. Jackets are needed in the early morning, and the evenings. A whisper of frost is biding its time just around the corner. Fall has arrived and with it harvest time. The orchard is a busy place, with ladders clacking, tractor huffing as it moves bins into place, pickers laughing as baskets fill, and buckets thumping as drops are picked up, thunk, thunk, thunk. A busy, busy time, with the tractor moving bins well into the evening.

The chickadees are occupied with gathering their favourite seeds. I didn't realize that they actually hide seeds and know where the seeds are left so that they can be retrieved later.

Mr. Squirrel, and little chipmunk are also gathering seeds. I do think the squirrel just eats them as fast as he can, but chipmunk fills his/her pouches to overflowing then runs to its home.

My weed  flower garden welcomes sparrows and goldfinch who swing in the wind and eat the drying seeds. Skunks are busy through the night ripping up the grass to find bedtime snacks.

Lack of rain has caused many wells to go dry. Ours is very low, and I now must visit the laundromat rather than do laundry at home. I haven't made a trip yet, but soon. It is aggravating to not be able to do it here, but at least I still have water. A good many here do not, and some have been hauling water all summer.

A busy time - and I wish I had the energy that the wildlife do. I am, in fact, stalled, as the days pass by. Except for daily tasks, I accomplish nothing. It surprises me that I am even writing this post. (It has taken a while) I keep waiting for a thunderbolt of energy to get me moving out of my lethargy. I have so many things I need/want to do, but can't quite find the spark of vitality required to get started........


  1. Fall is indeed upon us.I like the cooler temperatures.

    1. I like the fall, with its colours, and the Canada Geese flying over head. I do enjoy the warmth of summer, as it is easier on my movements. The cold seems to bother me, but living in Canada, you must take it as it comes, eh?

  2. Your wild critters are preparing for winter. So are ours. I guess you and I have to prepare, too! It's terrible that you're in such a water shortage. It sounds like you need lots of moisture to make up your deficit. Take care of yourself, Bonnie.

    1. We finally got a bit of rain, and it has helped some wells, but more is needed.