Thursday, February 15, 2018

February Beginning

Outside a fine snow or freezing rain is falling. Perhaps it is the in between stuff that falls when snow is turning to rain. I am, to be truthful, quite weary of winter, with its ever changing forms. One day, inches of snow fall, another day it pours and the snow disappears to reveal a very grundgy world, and then it snows again, the roads freeze and the radio voices tell of cars off the road, black ice and all that goes with Nova Scotia winters. It may be doing one thing in the Annapolis Valley and a totally different thing on the east shore, and again in Cape Breton. It can even be different from here to 30km from here.
When I was younger, I used to enjoy the winter, with my girls, and then my granddaughters. Younger and more energetic to be sure. Now I just hope that I can get out once in a while to get food and mail.
I wonder if there is anything else I can write about besides weather?

Of course there is always my best friend.

And the days have passed again before getting back
to this. I seem to always leave this on the
back burner.
It's a wonder it hasn't burned dry. 
Each day brings it's own tests
and sometimes burdens
but so far I've gotten through.
Forgetting to take your pills for a whole day is not a good thing either.....
The days are noticeably longer and that's a good thing. The skies are brighter today and the sun has made an appearance for two days.
Unfortunately it's warmth doesn't dry up the water in my basement. It's the 2nd time in just a little more than a week. Needless to say, Aslan is not impressed. 🐈💧💧💧💧

I will close this even though I have said nothing much. At least I am trying.

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