Friday, May 25, 2012

Catching Up

I do believe I left out a very interesting adventure last posting, which left some wondering if I was in my right mind. Of course, the truth is that I very seldom am. I decided on the spurr of the moment, on Mother's Day, that what I would like was a ride on my son-in-law's motorcycle. It was not a very long ride, and the helmet was a little too big, and kept slipping down. I convinced myself that in order to see, I would have to just ....let.....go....of ....Joe..... which I did. Voila....scenery, until it slipped again. The second time, I didn't have to convince myself, and I shoved the helmet up for a better view.  I was glad I did it, go for the bike ride, I mean, though I could not have travelled very far. My posterior would have definitely revolted.

Sadie and I have spent many hours outside, since the days have mostly been warm and sunny. My little garden is looking up, finally, though there is still work to be done. Sadie has decided that she likes to work in the garden, and scratches up the ground where I am working. She works hard for about 30 seconds, then goes and lays down for a rest, which, come to think of it, is what I do, though I do work a bit longer than 30 seconds, and I just sit down for a rest. I have also done some whipper-snipping. I pay for it afterwards, but I so enjoy it, that the discomfort is worth it.

I finally got out to Ironwood, and the lambs and ewes are doing very well. The lambs have grown, but the latest twins born were still fairly small. They are just so adorable. I could have just sat down in the middle of the field, and petted and hugged and talked to them all for hours. I took lots of pictures, and will share some this time.

"Momma...Momma..., ooh, this isn't momma."

Sadie loves the farm

The latest set of twins

I promised you blossom pictures, so here they are...

The blossoms do not last very long, but friends were able to take some wedding pictures in the orchard last weekend, when the blossoms were still nice. I hope they turn out well.
Cheers for now.

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  1. Blossoming orchards and adorable lambs - what better sight on a warm evening in May, Bonnie?