Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It will be just a short note tonight. The felting with the kids went well today, and I am looking forward to next week. I only had 3 out of the 5 who had signed up for the exploritory, but they were keenly interested and did quite well on their first project. We only had a few pricked fingers, including my own.

I took my camera, with every intention of taking pictures of the girls and their work, but I got so involved in what we were doing, that I didn't even think of snapping a few shots until I was leaving. Perhaps next week.

Anxiously awaiting tomorrow, when I will be able to pick up my framed pictures. Here's hoping that the finished pictures will look as good as I thought they would when I picked the frames.

One last thing. I got a phone call on Monday evening from a young friend in the big city of Toronto. She is a great gal, who was in our church choir, and youth group. She is studying to be a nurse. I almost didn't answer the phone, not recognizing the area code, but I sure am glad that I did. She also worked on the farm with us, and we got very close. It was wonderful to talk to her, and catch up on what's happening. She'll be staying in Ontario for the summer, though is hoping to get home in August. She is a very intelligent and artistically talented young lady. I was thrilled that she gave me a call. I shall give all the choir members a hug from her tomorrow night. We all just love her to pieces.

No special reason for these pictures.
They show a bit of our rugged coast on the Bay of Fundy


  1. Hi, Bonnie. Sounds like your felting went well--and I am happy that you picked up the phone and talked with your young friend. Thank you for sharing the photos. Beautiful rugged beach...

    1. I truly find the young people around here quite wonderful. I'm looking forward to my next felting experience with the children.