Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Humming Birds Are Back

I have several things on my list to write about tonight, but the first thing is my joy over having the humming birds back at my feeder. I always feel it is the same couple every year, (one never knows), but it matters not. The female is always Polly, named for a friend who loved the hummers. I've seen both the male and female, and I am still sure that their nest is near by.

My bird buddy, Hairy Woodpecker is still around, but is not being quite as bothersome with his pecking, or perhaps I am just getting used to the racket. He must be knocking bugs out from under the metal plate. He doesn't seem to be at it quite as early, and I'm wondering if he just sleeps in on cloudy, rainy, and windy mornings.

Yesterday, I spent time out in the garden, pulling weeds. I didn't keep up with it last year very well, but I am working to get it all cleared out. I have, what I call couch-grass, or quack-grass. It has long, long roots, and when you break a root, or pull part of the root out, a new plant will start from there. It is a never ending task. As I have said before, my garden is just a little one, but it is all I can handle. I bought a small folding stool to sit on and I can work a bit longer sitting, but it still hurts. I see some of the bulbs I got from Lindsay have come up. Now, if I could only remember what they were.......

We went to Ross Farm Museum last week, and enjoyed a few hours looking around.

Outbuildings on the farm

New little piggies

Friendly Cooper, working on putting an old barrel together for another museum

Farm house

Fire going in the kitchen

I had a great time with the girls in felting class today. They really use their imaginations. We started out with the idea that we would make little bears, and when I said they could use whatever colours they wanted, well, the bear idea flew out the window, and they created their own little "things".
I took a picture and will share it on another day.

The apple trees are in blossom, so I will get some pictures to share soon. 


  1. Gosh, I didn't know you had humming birds in Nova Scotia, Bonnie. How lovely. I've only seen them once and that was on my one exotic holiday in Barbados many years ago. The farm museum looks fun. I always enjoy those glimpses into the way our ancestors lived and worked.

    1. Hi Perpetua. We just have the ruby throated hummers here, and they are truly fascinating. Hopefully I will be able to get a few pictures of them, even if I have to take it through the window.