Monday, June 18, 2012

A Wonderfilled Moment

Something really magical happened, and I have to write about it. No pictures, except for the one that is in my mind. I really wish I had a picture but, I did not have a third hand with which to snap one.
I had noticed that the nectar had almost run out in my feeder, and so I went out to retrieve it, in order to refill it. I took the feeder out of the tree, and was knocking off the few ants that have found the nectar, when I heard the whirrrrr of a hummer. The female, Polly, landed on a branch close by, staring at me. I didn't move but held the feeder out, and believe it or not, Polly came and drank. She actually sat on the perch, drank some more, flitted to the other side and drank again. I was overwhelmed with the  beauty of this tiny bird, and that I had the opportunity to see her up close. The male arrived, but he didn't come to the feeder, then they both flew away. I quickly refilled the feeder, and shortly thereafter, one of them was back.
Now you know why I wished I could have taken a picture. These tiny creatures just fill me with wonder. They are very special.


  1. Oh, how wonderful, Bonnie. You described it so beautifully, I could see the tiny thing. :-)

  2. Thank you for sharing your miracle, Bonnie. Wow!!