Monday, August 13, 2012

The week has passed quickly, even though we closed the u-pick on Monday. We had a pretty good season, despite the slow start. Thus, I am no longer tied to the house and phone. A great relief.

Lindsay and I went down to inspect the lower pond, to see what was happening there. I was surprised at the reeds that had grown up, and there are now frogs in the pond, as well. Every pond should have its share of frogs.

Lindsay - the cattails are taller than her

a couple of froggies

The water level is down quite a bit, as we've had very little rain. You can tell by the colour of the field that it is dry.

This past weekend was busy, and I am always tired the day after, so now I will be trying to catch up after 3 days of activities. Our community and the next one, held a joint picnic friday evening. There were lots of folk there, food galore, games for kids, and neighbours catching up on news.
I did not take the camera, and so I have no pictures of the event.

Saturday was spent in Halifax at the Give Kids the World fundraiser, that Dawn and Rae had been so involved in. It is the same charity that Lindsay raised money for. The Hfx event raised over $5000 for the village in Orlando, that welcomes Wish Children and families, at no charge.

Yesterday following church, there was a Baptism, held at a member's cottage on a nearby lake. It was a very special time.

It takes a while for me to recover after lots of activities, and so I am going to just take it easy today, and catch up on a few things that were left in the lurch on the weekend.

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  1. Sounds like a good life, Bonnie. Sweet, but busy, summer! That community picnic sounds Norman Rockwellish. Loved the pic of Lindsay with the taller-than-her cattails.