Saturday, December 15, 2012

Beyond Sad

I am having a coffee break, before I put the lights on the tree. I have Christmas music playing softly in the background. Sadie and I are alone, and I am trying not to listen to anymore newscasts. It is enough to know that a tragedy occurred, and beautiful little children have lost their lives, others will be traumatized, and parents who are left with no answers cry tears that will flow like rivers. I am sure the broadcasters will be on this story for several days, asking why, seeking answers, showing pictures over and over again. I just cannot listen or watch anymore. I know that a most terrible thing has happened, and the sadness is beyond measure, and my prayers are lifted for the families involved, parents of children lost, and children so frightened who survived, and families of the adults who were killed, and Newtown itself, who somehow must make their way through this madness. It is beyond sad.

And then I begin to think of all the areas in this world of ours, where children's lives are taken because of war, or hunger or little or no health care. Each child's life is precious, as is every life, and yet, and yet......


  1. I so agree, Bonnie. The sadness of this and so many other dreadful tragedies is almost overwhelming and it's hard sometimes to hear the advent message of hope and expectation. I've felt the Sandy Hook tragedy particularly because our neighbouring market town, where I worked for many years, is also called Newtown and this coincidence of names brings the sadness very close to home.

  2. I've been feeling overwhelmed as well. I need a break - and I'm grateful that I can just shut all of this off for a few hours - because for so many others it is a reality that cannot be quieted.

  3. Yes, beyond sad. I don't think our minds and hearts can really absorb it. Blessings to all of us...

    1. Thank you to each of you for your comments. There isn't much more to say. Blessing to each.