Monday, December 10, 2012 show.....

I know that winter doesn't really begin until December 21st, but usually, as we draw close to Christmas, the weather seems to be sensibly "winter". Today was not an example of snow sensibility. This morning I felt that I should get my little birds fed before the ..ahem...storm came. Out I went and filled the feeders, as a few flakes of snow began to fall. This was around 8am or so.
Next on the list was a short trip to the drug store for prescriptions, and as I left there a nice little coating of freezing rain was on the windshield, and snow pellets on the parking lot. I took my time coming back up the mountain, not wanting to challenge whatever was under the wheels.

Realizing that an error had been made in the prescription, I called the pharmacy and they said they would fix it up, meaning another trip down the mountain. I waited till mid afternoon, when I was sure that it was just raining. Off down the mountain I went again and pulled into the pharmacy parking lot, which was still covered with ice pellets.
Now, this evening the temperature is 11 or 12 C. Winter in Nova Scotia. Puddles in the driveway, and I'm waiting for the bathroom ceiling to start dripping again. (No the roof has not been fixed yet....but that is another story, for someday when I feel like a grouch again, or perhaps a big green grinch.

Our Sunday School held its little Christmas Concert yesterday morning. There are a lot of little ones and they impressed with their lamb ears, their shepherd costumes, their pretty dresses and all that goes with the telling of the Christmas story. It was excellent, as always, because there are no mistakes when the Sunday School puts on their performances. They are always good, no matter what happens, even though the teachers are always nervous before hand. I sit back now and smile and enjoy, having been one of the nervous teachers for about 20+ years.

In the afternoon, a friend, Pearle and I went to a concert put on by Lindsay's choir, the KCCC, which is the Kings Chorale Children's Chorus, and the Honor Choir, who teamed up to share their music. It was very well done, beautiful voices from young people who love to sing. The directors certainly know what they are doing and how to get the best effort from the young people. The Honor Choir will be singing in Prague next year. What a fantastic opportunity for this group., without which, life would be stagnent.  I can't imagine what my life would be like without music. Pretty sad, I would think.

I do not have any decorations up yet, so I had better start thinking about doing something. Lindsay mentioned it to me a few days ago, that perhaps she had better come and get me started. Hint, hint.
The decorations are in the attic, and I'm not quite ready to face it yet, as I cannot stand up straight in there. Perhaps when and if my roofers ever come to fix the roof, they could add a few feet to the attic space......naw.....that will never happen.....Perhaps Santa will land on the roof and go right through, then his elves will have to fix it, and my bathroom won't leak, and then I will be a happy little dreamer.

I'm getting a little carried away now, so I'd better come back to reality, before I do get carried away.
Hi ho, Hi the padded room I go........


  1. You're not the first Canadian blogger to mention the lack of snow in some places, Bonnie. No snow here either, but it's certainly cold enough, though the cold snap is not scheduled to last.

    Your Christmas concerts sound wonderful and I'm sure you'll get round to the decorations in your own good time. Fingers crossed that the bathroom ceiling doesn't leak....

    1. Thanks didn't, last night. I can't understand why it leaks one time and not the next. I'm thinking I'll start with the decorations today, and just take my time.