Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Well, it finally happened.....snow, and lots of it. School was closed in the Annapolis Valley, and it's probably a good thing. I think the roads are rather dangerous, though I have not tested them personally. The ground was bare when I got up this morning, though it looked like it had been raining. About an hour later the snow started, and it hasn't stopped all day.

This was late morning

Snow wet and heavy

This scene is never the same
All of the pictures were snapped from inside the house, and it really was very grey, but beautiful. I had to cancel my appointment with the eye doctor, as I really am not up to driving on slippery roads. A new appointment was made for Friday am, so hopefully things will all be clear then.
                         Here are some faces of Christmas. I think I painted them last year.

Smile, it's Christmas

How close did you say Christmas was?

Hope I didn't forget anyone...

I made ol' St. Nick from clay several years ago.

And Sadie is not the least bit excited. She had just been out, and was melting the snowballs on her feet, with what was left of her body heat.
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, just look at all the snow............


  1. Oh, snow - how lovely, Bonnie. Over here it's just rain, rain and more rain and everywhere is saturated. Sigh.... I love your Christmas faces. :-)

  2. We received lots of snow, but it is supposed to rain quite a bit tomorrow, and the temperature is going up to +10. There goes the white Christmas some folks were hoping for.