Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What a Sight!

Amazing! Fantastic! I can't seem to find the words to describe what I was watching outside my window this morning.  There were at least a hundred birds, probably more, on my big tree, at my feeders, on the ground, and flying about.
They were redpolls along with some goldfinch, in the largest flock of birds I have ever seen. I knew that these birds flock together, from reading another blog, but I had never seen it until now. I have never seen redpolls until this winter, and that in itself was so wonderful.
I took some pictures, but I know they do not do justice to what I was watching, but I am going to post them anyhow so that I will have some sort of record of their visit.

The tree was covered with the birds

The ground was covered too

There was always action around the feeders, thus the blurryness

The ground under the window feeders was at times fully carpetted

A better shot of the tree limbs
The morning light is quite dull, and I am not a very good photographer, but perhaps you can get some idea of what I was seeing. They have gone now, and the air is quiet. I could not capture the sound they were making, and wish I could have been standing right out in their midst. The pictures were taken through the window, and that doesn't help the clarity.
I am thrilled that I had this opportunity, and see an amazing sight. God's creatures, doing what they do best, being, just being who they were meant to be.
Wish it was as easy for us humans.
Have a good day. We are expecting a, dare I say it, snow storm tonight. Oh well.........


  1. Fantastic, Bonnie. I'm so glad you took these photos, however poor the light. You won't forget that sight in a hurry.

    1. I thought maybe all the redpolls were leaving, but many are still coming to the feeder. It was amazing.

  2. Very nice - we had the same experience here a few days ago. <3

  3. I wish it was as easy for us humans, too, Bonnie. Feeling your enthusiasm for all those beautiful birds visiting you!