Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hard to believe....

that my first grandchild is now 16. It doesn't seem possible that 16 years have passed by since she was born. What an exciting time that was, and spending the time in the delivery room with my first daughter, waiting...waiting...then all of a sudden there was this most beautiful baby girl, and grammy had the privilege of cutting the cord. As hard as it was to watch Dawn go through the labour pains, (I think I held my breath each time she had contractions), it was such a joy to be there. And now that beautiful baby is a beautiful teen, inside and out. She is a treasure.

She wasn't too pleased that I wanted to take her picture that day.
Lindsay, finally was able to take off her wrist guard, after falling on the ice and breaking her wrist. She is supposed to baby it, until the strength returns. Here's hoping. She's my other sweetheart, and you never know what she is going to do, or say.
I am feeling better this week, thank heaven. The heaviness has lifted and I feel a bit more human. Last week was a lost cause.
I have taken some pictures of the birds. They are not the best shots, but I did manage to get a few of the redpolls.

Below is my view from my window of the tree out front.
Sometimes it is full of the different kinds of birds that come to the feeders.
As I have said before, I love watching them.

Our weather today is wet and dreary, and where there is bare ground in and around the driveway, there are puddles or running water. The grass is spongy and Sadie doesn't like the feeling. It is funny to watch herr test the wettness of the ground, before going off the last step. It is sort of like a person testing the temperature of the pool with their toes, before making the plunge.
Well, I should plunge into this day. Things to do, think about, read, wash, shine etc. etc. etc. I tend to do more thinking than anything else.....sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes not.


  1. A belated happy birthday to your lovely granddaughter, Bonnie. They grow up so quickly. Our eldest grandson will be 14 next month!

    Your weather sounds as changeable as ours - one day spring-like sunshine, the next cloud, mist and rain. We're even forecast some snow for next week......

  2. Hi Perpetua. It is getting so one never knows what the weather will be until you look out the window. I am longing for a peek at the brave little crocus, soon.....I hope. Our weather does seem quite similar. Aren't we lucky.