Saturday, June 8, 2013

How High's the Water Momma?

          Well, the latest post tropical storm has just passed through my part of Nova Scotia, and it has rained pretty hard. I didn't think the wind was too bad, though it might have been in other parts, that were harder hit. The sky is still heavily overcast, but there is a bit of a brightness, that tells me that the worst is over.
          Here is a picture that Dawn took yesterday morning. I noticed the strange, yet beautiful clouds too, but wasn't prepared to go out in my jammies to get a picture, and didn't want to take it through the window.

 Here is a shot of some of our raspberries, being worked on by Kayley, who is far in the distance.

It's amazing how many blues there are in a sky.
Every day is different.
The clouds never look the same.
Heavy rain means showers in the bathroom
As once again I set out the pots.
Filled a litre ice cream container,
I would say that's lots.
Buckets here and towels there,
Until the raindrops stop.
Then empty the pots,
pick up the towels,
And grab the big ol' mop.
Rain......... nature's was of forcing me to practice patience.
I'm learning.....
I'm trying........
I'm tired of trying...


  1. Smiling at how rain (and other attributes of nature) try to teach us patience. Sometimes I'm tired of it, too. Guess we just have to keep learning & trying.

  2. I guess you are right....and sometimes patience pays off. As I type this, I can hear a roofer, working on the roof...ahhhh....there is hope. :)

  3. Oh dear, not more rain, Bonnie and just when your roof was leaking. I do hope the roofer sorts out the problem and the blue skies come back for you soon.

    1. The roof is almost finished as I write this. The men will be back in the morning to finish up. The weather is not sure what it is doing this week...a little sun, a little cloud, a little rain. I really won't mind the rain once the roof is done. Take care.

  4. Oh....I love the rain and a rainy day is my favorite kind of day, Bonnie. Send it here - I'll take it for you to save your roof! <3