Monday, June 10, 2013

Wonders Never Cease...

Finally, today, roofers arrived to put new roofing on the back of the house, you know the spot, the place where the water came in and dripped into my bathroom,  It is not finished yet, but I am hoping that when it is done, I won't have to wear a raincoat to the bathroom any more. (That might be just a bit of an exaggeration.)

I thought I would share a few pictures. You will probably think me a bit 'tetched', but I thought it would be cute to put some teddybears in the garden. Perhaps I missed something in my childhood, and am just catching up, or not.


A little chipmunk has a hole here. He looks so cute when he pops his head up.

Sneezy isn't a bear, but he's cute.


Proof, so I'll know I wasn't dreaming it. Roofers at work
In the morning, I'll be off to the hospital,
Where a surgeon will be waiting for me,
And when the dear doctor is finished
It will be the end of cataract surgery for me.


  1. Hope your surgery will be successful.

    1. Thank you. The surgery went well, now to get through the healing, without to much problem.

  2. Sorry to be late catching this, Bonnie. I do hope your surgery goes well. It will be great to be finished with it. :-)

    1. Things seem to be going alright, Perpetua. Thank you. I have a bit more inflamation than the Dr. was expecting, but he is not concerned, so I am trying not to be. I am so glad it is all over. Now to get through the days of drops.