Sunday, January 4, 2015

First post

It is the first Sunday in January, and my first post for the New Year, 2015. It is my hope that in the next few weeks I will remember that it is 2015 when I write cheques.

It seems to me that last year, in January, Church was cancelled the first Sunday of the year, and now, with snow, ice pellets, freezing rain and wind this morning, our service is cancelled today. As I look out my window, it doesn't particularly look that bad, but it is totally overcast, and something is falling from that grey sky. Asked what I thought about cancelling church, I said that I would rather not be driving in freezing rain, if I had my druthers.  Sadie is thinking the same thing about going out.....
and has decided to sleep as long as she can. Right now she is lightly snoring. That is much better than coughing which she does, mostly when she is awake.

So today would be a good day for reading and perhaps adding a chapter to 'Barney and Belinda'. Just a few more lines to add for next post. I am determined to see where these characters lead me. They have been in all manner of situations in my head, and I am not sure where they will take me. Best get writing things down soon.

Whoops. Sadie just popped up and is coughing and bouncing at me, so it's time to stop now. She is definitely a spoiled little pooch.


This picture is from this morning. We had our freezing rain, and then rain, and so the roads
are now wet, and the slush has been cleared off on our road.
Fog is settling in now.

Sadie was very appreciative of her special friend L who shovelled off the porch so she could make her way out. She wasn't long doing her business, and was right back in .

I don't plan to be going anywhere soon. I am tuckered out. Things will start up soon enough. As for now that hibernation cave is looking more and more desirable.

I'll leave you with an a quote from that famous person, anonymous :

Because we can't call people without wings angels,
we call them friends.


  1. I love your little Sadie!
    Such a sweet photo of her!

    Be careful if you venture out, Bonnie.
    I do not like icy conditions (but, then , who does?)

    Love the quote, it's so true!


    1. Thanks Margie. Hope all is well with you and Jake. I am thankful that I have many (angels) friends.Hugs xx

  2. Gosh, you've been having horrible weather, Bonnie. Love the photo of Sadie. :)