Friday, January 9, 2015

Little Sadie

My sweet little Sadie had her 11th birthday yesterday. A time to celebrate her endurance and will.

Her teeny tiny birthday cake

Actually there were 4 teeny tiny cakes,
which in turn had to be cut in teeny tiny pieces.
She only ate part of one. She's watching her weight.

She is quite happy to sit on my desk, and look out
the window, except when it is frosted over, 
then she watches me.

She's my special buddy.

I think she may have celebrated to much yesterday,
as she is having a good nap this morning.

It is a 'storm day' here, and schools in the valley are cancelled.
I'm glad that I do not have to go anywhere today.

Went to the doc's yesterday and I'm good? for another 5 weeks. :)

Have a good day wherever you are.
Take it as it comes.
That's what Sadie & I do.


  1. <3

    Happy Belated Birthday Sadie and those are great words to live by.

  2. Sadie is so adorable!
    Happy 11th birthday to her.
    l loved all the photos of her Bonnie.

    Glad your Dr's visit found you good :)


    1. Thank you Margie. Thinking of Jake today. Hope all is well. Lots of hugs.

    2. Just stopped by to let you know Jake's lump is a fatty tumor ... I am so relieved ... we will probably have it removed as they can grow to be quite large ...
      Have a wonderful and blessed day ...

      Hugs to you and Sadie ...

    3. So glad to hear that news, Margie. I can imagine how relieved you feel. Hugs

    4. Oh, Bonnie, I am so relieved as I was so worried. My prayers were answered ...
      Oh, I have a new poem up and the photo that is with it was taken in NS .. at Bethany retreat in Antigonish
      If you have time, drop on by , if not no problem

  3. Happy (belated) birthday to the little bird...I was thinking about her birthday recently, but for some reason had it as the 12th in my head.
    No ice cream cake for her (you) this year? :)
    Love to you both.
    xo H.

    1. We thought it was a wee bit toooooooo cold for an ice cream cake. I gave her lots of hugs instead. She actually likes her little treats, if I cut them up in very small pieces. xxoo

  4. Happy, Belated 11th Birthday sweet beautiful Sadie! You certainly do not look your age. Thank you for dropping by and commenting on my salmon eating post. Hugs and nose kisses Pooh and Mumsy too!

  5. Belated birthday greetings to Sadie. I'm glad she enjoyed her tiny portion of birthday cake. :)