Tuesday, January 20, 2015

S'now gone....

Rain, rain and more rain yesterday, washed most of the snow away. I gazed from my window upon a new pond which had developed in the side yard. Seeing that, I knew what I would find in my basement. It took a few hours, but soon the streams were running, and the sump pump busy doing its job. I'm glad that the power didn't go out here, though some people up the valley did lose theirs. 
You've heard the story about the little Dutch boy who stopped the leak in the dyke with his finger.
I doesn't work.........not enough fingers....

It grew and grew and today it is.....

Sadie watching for any pond creatures that might appear...
None did....

Oh look a tame chickadee....with no legs....Haven't
figured out how to make them yet..

Sewed this closed..upside down.. I shall take it apart 
and close the other end. It is for my phone.

This one doesn't matter because there is no up
or down. It's for my glasses when I have to carry them.

It is still cold, and the wind is blowing, but the sun is shining.
It looks warmer than it is.

I am making a "Long Range To Do List".
You would not believe the things I already have on it.
Most things concern my beastly is drying out today - yay.
I was walking around looking at everything and I thought, 
I would feel so guilty if I died and the girls had to clean it out.
I just couldn't do that to
my Long Range To Do List.......
I shall have to stick around for quite a while to get it all accomplished.
Glad I didn't call it a Short Range To Do List. :)


  1. short range plans here, Okay? (and now I know why in my teenage years my tendency was to think "it would be awful if I died and Mom had to clean out this room!").
    Love you!

    1. Do you know how old I am? Just kidding. Love you.

  2. Hi Sadie, turn around, so I can see your cute little face ... LOL
    Oh my, good luck on the basement , Bonnie.
    And you had better stick around , 'for a long, long while ...


    1. I have no plans to exit early but one does need to keep their age in mind when planning. I need long range planning because there are some days (make that lots of days) that I do not get anything done at all. I am trying to convince myself that "I can do this!'
      Hugs to you.

  3. Glad the snow has gone for you, Bonnie, but you really don't need a leaking basement. I love your feltwork - so colourful. As for the clearing of junk - this is a task DH and I are about to start, now that my wrist is finally improving. I may be some time...

    1. Another rain/snow mess coming this weekend. Strange strange weather. Every time you mention the clarinet, I am tempted to get my daughter's old one out and practice it again. Haven't played it for years. I'm not sure I need to add any new activity to my list.

  4. Sure glad your list is long, Bonnie! It sounds as though you were mighty wet for awhile. We are also trying to get rid of stuff and get organized. I hate to think of my family having to go through everything after we're gone.

    1. Some times it is a case of 'where do I start first'. More water headed our way so that will put a kink in my plans if the basement gets wet again.

  5. We still have LOTS of snow here - no melting, but I know the importance of the sump pump. Wouldn't it be nice if we had our own life's 'sump pump' that could take away the unwanted in our life? Well, good luck with your list - I have short, short range lists, short, long range lists, but worse, long, short and long range lists! :-)

    1. I have a day list too, but if I don't get it done, it moves to the next day, and so on and so on.... A sump pump to take away the unwanted things in our life is a super marvellous idea. Some days it would be running all day. :)

  6. Our sump pump is a godsend, too, Bonnie. Those wet basements are no fun. On a funny note, for a moment I thought that was a real chickadee who had no legs. Ha ha ha! I thought--how did it let her pick it up? *grin*

    1. Do I ever appreciate the moment you thought perhaps it was a real chickadee. I have had chickadees land on my hand to get seeds. It is an amazing thrill. They will land for food, usually after a snow storm. I find them friendly little things, and they are one of my favourite birds. The basement is a never ending battle, but not usually in the winter time.....