Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Great Way To Begin the New Year

             I really do not do a great deal of celebrating during Christmas, finding most days very quiet. Things have changed quite a bit since my girls were little, and then when the granddaughters were small. I haven't stayed up to greet the New Year in a good many years. I prefer to celebrate with Australia or New Zealand, and watch their firework displays on the news.

However, yesterday was a special day of being with my girls, as I call the four of them. Two daughters and two granddaughters, the shining lights in my otherwise dull life. When I am with them, happiness seems to bubble over. They are my blessings.

Dawn drove Lindsay, Rae and I to Summerville to visit Heather, Rupert and his mother Barbara. Then, Heather treated us to a delightful meal at nearby The Flying Apron, where we had a wonderful meal and enjoyed exploring the premises. We had lots of laughs and great food. I so enjoyed myself. I kidded that I don't get off the mountain that much, so I am just like a kid with a cookie jar, or something like that.

I took lots of pictures, because I found The Flying Apron a magical place, warm and inviting and extremely enjoyable. It felt like I was on vacation and even had to buy a t shirt as a souvenir. I am a little nuts that way, but you would have to be me to understand my strange ways.

I shall take you on a little sight-seeing tour of this wonder place. The Flying Apron is an Inn and Cookery, offering Culinary Staycations and Getaways, with four, 4-Star rooms, a licensed dining room, garden patio,(which would be lovely in the warm months), an art gallery featuring local artists each month, and they also offer a Cookery School taught by their German Master Chef. I do not have any idea how old the building is, but because of the age, and what Chris and Melissa Velden have done, it is a treasure in Summerville, and people come from all over for their gourmet meals.

our nutty lovely gathering

another dining area

a gourmet food shop

Moving from the dining area to a lounge area.
The 4*rooms are up stairs

This lounge area is unique, and soon there will be a used book 
sale area here.  The Cookery School room is beyond the doors.

Lindsay quite liked sitting in front of the fire, (though I have no proof,
since I didn't get a picture of her there)
so when she would disappear, this is where she would be.

Another room for the local art. These were all pictures
done with needle felting. Amazing.

Here we are back out in the dining area with Chef Chris
behind the counter,

Melissa behind the counter where there were
lots of yummy desserts.

Another section of the dining room

Our server, Nancy, with whom I enjoyed lots of
laughter and joking. She's a sweetheart for sure. I might even
call her a kindred spirit..........

All in all a wonderful afternoon spent with family,
and the very welcoming owners and server.

Then we went back to Ironwood..........
one of my most favourite places!

Off to see the woolies

Look a the white face behind the sheep in the foreground.
She looks like an elf.....

So, I thank my girls for an absolutely wonderful day to begin this new year, and 
thanks to the Flying Apron for a great eating experience. (That is saying something,
coming from a person who rarely thinks of food). I only eat because I have to, but
once in a while I do enjoy it, and this was one of those times.

If you would like to check out the Flying Apron for yourself, here is their page..... 

The best of the New Year to all.


  1. Thank you for that tour, Bonnie. It looks a wonderful place and your photographs certainly give a feel of the atmosphere. The only thing I miss on my beloved wee island is being able to go for a meal whenever I feel like it, but it is a small price to pay for the contentment I have here.

    1. Your island is very special Irene, so the lack of an eatery is a minor problem for sure. Some places just touch your heart and this place was unique, at least for me.

  2. Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time.Hope the year ahead is filled with many more fun times for you.

    1. Thank you Ruth. I did really enjoy my time. I need days like that to get me through the 'down' days. I too hope I have more fun times.

  3. Oh what fun! The Flying Apron looks like a wonderful place to eat and stay and learn and I'm so glad you had such an enjoyable day.