Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Aslan Gets Braver....

+......sort of. He is still making the upstairs his home, but he has decided that I am not as fearful a [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[.person as I was in the beginning, besides, I am bringing him his food.....
He is willing to let me pick him up, and then when he is on my lap he purrs and prods and rolls over, liking very much a back pet, ear scratch and tummy rub, all the while singing quite intensely.
It will be two weeks tomorrow, since he arrived, and though he won't venture downstairs yet I think he has made great progress. I am trying not to be impatient and let him decide the time to be brave. I did carry him down yesterday which he allowed though I could tell he was very nervous, and soon decided he wanted to get back to the safety of upstairs.

Wednesday.....five days since the above writing. Aslan has come a long way. He has now visited the main floor several times and last evening we had quite a little tour. The Captain was off to darts, and Aslan and I walked the living room and kitchen and then he and I took a little tour of the basement. He checked out all the little places and disappeared for a bit, so I called him and he ran right upstairs to me. He is now eating in the kitchen and actually came downstairs this morning without being coaxed, to have his breakfast. He still is very timid when he sees the Captain, which is why last night was a good time to have Aslan check things out.

Aslan likes to be on my lap, and purrs as he flips from one position to another. He likes head scratches and chin rubs and to be held close. Oh he is a joy, and I am thankful that I decided that it was time for a new friend. He definitely needs a scratch post, since my legs will not hold out much longer. :) 
As I write this he just appeared and is now sitting on my desk, watching what I am doing with the keyboard.


I was going to erase all the numbers and weird things you might see in this post, but I will leave it, as it is Aslan's message to you.


  1. That is such good news, Bonnie. I am so happy that he is settling down with you. I love when Squeak cuddles into me and tells me her stories. I love her to bits. She too likes playing on my keyboard so my blogs need careful editing sometimes!

    1. Hi Irene. Aslan is gradually getting me comfortable, but still prefers his lair upstairs. He condescends to visit the lower level at meal times, his not mine.

  2. With your gentle persistence, you will win his confidence.He is quite cute.

    1. He is a little sweety, and I am being a very patient person, waiting for him to make this house his home.

  3. I'm am so glad to see he is settling in and giving you some of the love you deserve. I knew you'd be good companions for each other!
    Rupert is thrilled that Aslan's sister Goldie is still enjoying days in the barn, and showing real interest in the rodents of both barn and greenhouse (we never know if the treats that are left by the door are from her or Franklin '~'). At the same time, she is warming up to him and will allow him to feed her and open the door for her (whereas I can't sit for a pee without a cat on my lap!! She is greatly attached to me!).
    Hope to visit you and your sweetie soon!
    xoxox H.

    1. I am looking forward to a visit. I'm also glad to hear Goldie is doing well. Good for her being a mouser, and I hope that Franklin is putting up with her. Aslan is a lap sitter too, though he is still afraid of the bathroom. Love you.