Tuesday, November 29, 2016

More about Aslan (of course)

Sunday morning and it is raining out. It looks cold, but I haven't been out yet.....later I will make my way to church. We might get a bit of snow later today, but I will believe it when I see it.

I have managed to send my Christmas card to the printers. The printers I have used for the last several years has closed, so I am using a new one. My neighbour works there, so it was a natural choice. I haven't gotten them back yet.

I have also been painting some Christmas decorations. I bought some ceramics to paint. One set is snow babies, but Dawn said they look like Teletubbies, and now I can't get that picture out of my mind. They are not finished yet, but hopefully they won't look like the tv characters when they are done.

My dear little Aslan has been more active in this last week, though he still makes the upstairs his go-to place. He has not stepped in my wet paint yet, though it has been close a few times. I quickly get my pallet off the desk when he jumps up to inspect what I am doing. I have not been so quick with the laptop, and he has managed to make things pop up that I have never seen before. Yesterday he managed to make everything elongate horizontally, but after some playing around with various settings I managed to get it back to normal. Right now he is somewhere in the basement hiding. I put the dryer on and the noise frightened him.

Heather came to visit yesterday, and Aslan, seeing her, ran and hid. Of course. After a while, I coaxed him out and brought him down to see Heather. After a bit, he settled and then enjoyed lots of love from his 'first mum'.

What's up?

My brushes are interesting it seems

Checking out the kitchen, and watching the Captain, who he
is still not sure of.

His perch in the kitchen window, watching birds

Aslan likes to cuddle

Well, I had better figure out how to get some energy this week. Next week looks to be a busy one. One night I am off to a local Home to help out with carol singing, and then Thursday and Friday, off to the school to help out with a children's Christmas shopping party, that is, if it is still on. The teachers have gone on a work to rule and extra curricular activities are cancelled as of Monday. I'm not sure if the shopping party will fall into that category. I suppose this is better than a strike. At least the teachers will still be teaching. They have been without a contract for at least a year.
 Aslan has an appointment with the vet, and has to be there at 7:30 Wednesday am. And then there is the Bible Study Monday and Choir Thursday, plus a music lesson. This lethargy or tiredness or whatever it is had better take a hike, or at least limp away. I have things to do.......and I haven't started Christmas Cards though I have them back from the printers, and I still have ornaments to paint. Before I know it it will be the middle of December and I still won't have things done. Oh, and there is trying to decide what to get for my girls, etc. Wish me luck.


  1. From a distance! The looked like Teletubbies from a distance!! And they will forever make me smile :) And it's amazing what you learn about your computer once you have a cat, isn't it?

    1. They are for the choir, so you get one...Here's to lots of smiles. I really didn't learn anything because I can't remember how I fixed it.

  2. Little Aslan is doing just fine by the sound of it.

    1. He seems to be coming along quite well, and spends more and more time downstairs.

  3. I couldn't paint Teletubbies either....would be quite wonderful to see what you painted. Aslan is really a nice cat although not that Aslanic sa the name calls for. We have a black rabbit named Hazel ( from Watership Down) and he doesn't like cats he says.
    Is that the churchchoir by the way? Do you paint gifts for them every year!!! Nice going!