Sunday, April 26, 2020

Staying Home

Yes, I am under voluntary isolation, due to my daughter's insistence because of my age and vulnerability, and it wouldn't be very good to bring the virus home to the captain.
So I am delighted that I don't have to go grocery shopping for a while. (See the smirky giggle behind the hand).
Life has taken on a whole new stance. No visitors for the Captain on a Sunday morning, no church, no choir, no uke group.  Beyond that, life is about the same.
This is certainly a time of testing, and patient waiting. Covid 19 is taking its toll all over the world. Still, there are some who do not take it seriously, which is a sad commentary on the compassion or lack there of of those who will not listen to health directives.

I am at the end of 6 weeks isolation, and at the end of an absolutely horrible week for our province. 22 people lost their lives at the hand of a gunman, and crushed the soul of several small communities. I think we are all still reeling from this unspeakable evil. My heart aches for all the families who have lost loved ones so suddenly.

Our pastor is doing a church service on facebook, which is nice. I'm also using zoom for a Bible Study. You make the best of a poor situation.

I started this post probable 5 weeks ago, and though I have thought of working on it, since I have so much time, but I guess I have to be "in the mood" to actually sit down and type.

I initially intended to show the pictures I took when I had an opportunity to go the Ironwood Farm. It was the first time in ages that I was able to go. I have to plan around meal times for the Captain. Now I can't even remember when we went. Anyhow, here are a few pictures of the lambs.

And of course here's Aslan

I have also been doing lots of needle felting. I will have to put the pictures on my laptop then move them here. 

It is a beautiful, warm day today. I went outside to enjoy the sun, and 
to rake up all the branches that fell after the wind blew over the top
of a tree. What a mess. At least it didn't hit anything but the ground.

That's it for now. Take care all and stay safe.
Blessings to all


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures Bonnie

  2. Good to hear that you are taking the necessary precautions to stay safe. I am so sorry about that senseless loss of life at the hands of a gunman. Love those little lambs, they are adorable .