Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Already into August

Oh my, oh we are, already into August, and Covid 19 is still the main topic, though 
I am now able to hug my daughters and granddaughters, after 4 long months. Things are gradually opening here, but I am still not ready to head to the grocery store, or any big store. 
This last week has been extremely hot, and  people are out and about, to the beaches and parks. I hope they are all being wise and safe. We really need to think about others at this point, and wear masks and physically distance where possible. The Government of Nova Scotia  said that starting Aug. 1st, masks must be worn when inside various businesses, there shouldn't be any 'visiting' other tables in restaurants, bars etc. We are still in the atlantic bubble, which includes the 4 maritime provinces. I'm hoping they don't open the border to other provinces for a while yet, because I think we only have one active case, but there are flare ups in provinces to our west. I definitely don't want the border open to the USA. The covid 19 numbers there are scary. 

Life goes on, one day falling into the next. It is always great when I get to see my girls. They are the light of my life. Without them, some days would be pretty dark. I see Dawn often, but it's nice to see Heather, Rae & Colton, and Lindsay, who has been working all summer. I think she's anxious to head back to the city for university. I'm sure there will be safety measures in place for classes and dorms. Some classes will still be on line. 

I have spent time this summer trying to clean up my little flower garden, that was full of weeds. It took a while but I got most of the area tidied. Now to keep them out until I can put something else in the open areas. I guess I have more energy this summer than I had last summer because last year I didn't do a thing with the poor garden.


And now it is the middle of August, and I haven't posted this. I wonder what I do with my time. I think it is because I keep too much in my poor mind, listing the various things that I should be doing, and then not doing them, then re-adding them to the list...... and the result is I don't seem to get any thing done. Lately, I haven't even done much needle felting or painting.  I keep thinking, I'll just put Aslan in the basement, and then I can paint. There is absolutely no way I can paint if the dear little fellow is around. And if course, now it is time to get supper, so I have to stop. I wonder when I will be back.

 Okay, it's been a few suppers since I last wrote. My how time flies when you're not doing anything.  I am a bit brain fogged. This morning a humming bird flew right up within 2 feet of where I was sitting, and hovered there for 30 seconds or so.  I told her I was sorry. Yup, sorry. I apolagised to a humming bird, out loud so she could hear me. She was looking for her food, and my feeder had sprung a leak, and I hadn't got another one.  I felt so bad. I know the hummers will soon be heading south and need to bulk up. I hope no one is keeping track of the weird things I do.


I will finish this up with a few pictures.

Felted tractor seat for Dawn

Aslan went to church....he didn't pay much attention

That's it for now. It has taken me long enough. 
Till next time, whenever that will be,
take care and stay safe.

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  1. Good to hear from you. Unfortunately , I have too many days when I look back and have nothing to show for my work that day. Oh well, life goes on.