Thursday, November 19, 2020


 The last week of October and I can’t quite believe it. The colours have passed their best show, and leaves are now dancing to the ground.

One special thing during these past days has been the visit of Cardinals. The male has come 3 times and the female only once. I have never had a Cardinal to my feeder in the over 40 years I have lived here. The male is so beautiful with his deep red, and black, but the female is also beautiful in her dull colours.

The pesky squirrel has made his presence known. He does enjoy chewing up the plastic feeders, including the new one purchased this past week. When will I learn, metal is the only way to go. The chickadees are fearless. I can put a little cup on the porch step, and they will come, give me a look, and grab a sunflower seed, and leave. One after the other, they will do this. I am sitting perhaps 1/2 meter away.

And as usual, I am now into the 2nd week of November. I had planned to show the colour of the leaves, but now they are all on the ground. We have even had a bit of snow on the ground, but it didn’t stay long. At the present time we have had about 4 days of what might be termed Spring weather with temperatures in the mid to high teens. Very strange.

Pesky, sassy, fearless squirrel

First snow

I will post this today, otherwise it will be December before I get around
to it. I really don't know where the time goes.


  1. You sure had some pretty color in the leaves. Hope you are staying well.

  2. Hanging in there Ruth. Hope all is well with you.