Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I like Wednesdays....

......most weeks. It is sort of a 'me' day, I guess. It is usually the day when I really have nothing pressing, no laundry, no preparation for Bible Study, or Choir, unless I feel like it. It's a 'what do I want to do today' kind of day, most weeks, except for the week I have to bake for the card party at the community hall. Today, I like today, though it isn't over yet.

My little bird friends were almost out of feed (tsk,tsk), and so I decided I would head out early for a trip to town, get some seed, go to the library, and pick up some small labels, which I use for the books that I put on the church library shelves. I was almost out of them, and I have a lot of books to prepare. The day was supposed to get a bit messy, but I managed to get there and back before the freezing rain began.

I went to this store, which has just about anything you could possibly think of, usually at a cheaper price. I think they get their things from closing out sales and such. This is where I got my labels.....but sometimes I just have to go on a buying binge. So I splurged, and spent about $13, on things I really didn't need now, but will eventually, I'm pretty sure, maybe in a month or six months or so...... I have this thing for pens, and paper, which seems weird as I sit here typing. But, I am a note-maker, I am always jotting down things, and, well, you get the idea.

Here is my treasure.....
In that pile of stuff is a chain, for my glasses, which I will wear, though it reminds me of old cartoons of the grumpy teacher. I has become a necessity, because I am always setting my glasses down, and then when I do need them, I have to go looking. I really only need them for reading and close up work. (with my pens and paper). It is great fun when playing the organ or piano, since I have another pair that I use to see the music, since it is far enough away, the reading glasses don't work. However, if I look out into the congregation with those glasses on, everybody is blurred. I am always changing glasses, since I need my regular glasses for reading the bulletin etc. Oh, it is great fun. So, I guess the chain was a necessity. The other things were just icing.
Now, I think I have to write a few notes to myself.....Where did I put my pen and paper? :)


  1. Hi, Bonnie! Sounds like you had a lovely Wednesday just enjoying yourself. Your story about the glasses kind of reminds me a bit of my husband. He puts down his glasses and sometimes can't remember where, either. I haven't taken mine off since second grade except to sleep and swim. Hope you are enjoying your Thursday as well.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed your Wednesday, Bonnie. It sounds to me as though you can't resist a bargain, but those look like the kind of things you will always find a use for - one can never have too many pens and notepads. :-)

    I'm terribly short-sighted and used to have contact lenses for distance, with half-moon glasses for reading. When I had to stop wearing contacts, I needed to get varifocals which were horribly expensive but work really well for me.

    1. Bifocals are what I'm contending with right now. Makes life interesting. The wind is blowing a gale today, and perhaps instead of driving to choir, I shall fly. :)

  3. I have the multifocals like Perpetua. Unlike many I've spoken to, I found the adjustment quite easy. That reminds me, I need to get my eyes checked.