Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Trying something different....

to see if I can get pictures on my blog. Here's hoping.....

It works.....Yay...Had to go the Chrome to accomplish this as Explorer is still not working.

Here are the 2 males
They actually dig way down in the snow to find the apples

A shot of all five pheasant

This is the pesky little squirrel who thinks I am feeding him...

There has been a lot of snow.

We had a bit of a storm, and since then there have been flurries just about every day, until yesterday. It has been very cold, but now temperatures are rising. That's Nova Scotia for you. Days of minus temperatures moves to temperature in the plus digits. It was warm enough yesterday, with the sun melting some snow, and then, of course it froze through the night, making the roads somewhat icy.

Looking out the window at blue skies and sun right now, and happy I could post these pictures. Thank you Chrome. :)


  1. Lovely photos, Bonnie, and I'm glad you managed to post them. I've used Chrome for blogging for a while now, as I was having such problems with Internet Explorer.

    No snow here as yet, though we may see a bit in the next few days if the forecast is accurate. It would just come when I'm busy for once and have to be out and about.....

    1. It is looking rather messy here now, as the days have warmed some, and the sun is melting the clean snow, leaving behind the dirty stuff.