Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm back......

The weather has been crazy here in Nova Scotia, at least here in the valley. During the first part of this week, the temperature was above freezing, and now, though the sun is brightly shining, the wind is cold and the temperature is -14. The older I get, it seems, the more the cold of winter bothers me. I really don’t dislike winter, the snow makes beautiful scenes, as it falls on the dead earth, but I don’t like the snow covered and slippery roads, but who does? 

            I made my last visit to the eye doctor, at least for a while. My eye is finally healed completely, after four months. My left eye now needs to be done, but the doc feels I need a few months before we do it, since he doesn’t know whether it will react in the same way as the right. It may not, (which I’m hoping), or there is a possibility that it will. NUTS! At least I don’t have to think about it for 3 months or so.

            I am finally back to regular routine, which gets me out of the house, by necessity. Otherwise, I think I might be like the bear, and hibernate. I do go out and feed the birds, but as for going anywhere else….. not too keen, partly because the cold makes my body so sore, and the legs don’t work right. When I say that they don’t work right, I mean that they lose strength and then begin to pain at the hip. It can happen rather quickly if the snow is deep. If I were to go off the road with the car, into a ditch, I’d have to just stay there and freeze to death, because I could not walk anywhere for help. Now, I take my cell with me, just in case. In my mind, I would love to be cross country skiing, or hiking through the woods. In reality, I do it vicariously, through the blogs that I read. I guess I should be thankful that I can walk at all. I know others with Fibro, that suffer so much more.

The ground was visible the first of the week, and now it is covered again. That's the way she goes. If nothing else, the weather is certainly not boring. 
  • And we're casted....

Lindsay fell at school Tuesday and is now sporting a cast. Naturally, she is right-handed. She has to keep this cast on for a week to ten days, then another x-ray, and a new cast. She's doing ok. By now, the cast is covered with a multitude of signatures. 
Cheers till next time.


  1. I wondered where you'd been, Bonnie. I'm glad your eye has now healed, but sorry to hear about Lindsey and her cast. At least youngsters heal more quickly then we do. I'm another who tends to hibernate in poor weather and at the moment it's very cold and snowy here, so I'm staying put.

  2. If anyone is going to break or bleed, it's Lindsay! Good thing she's always so good natured about it. :)