Sunday, April 13, 2014

Better days

     Well, I am glad to say that today is a better day all round. I appears that my Sadie is feeling a little better, and has finally begun to eat something, even if it is just plain chicken cut up very small. Beginning yesterday, she seemed more like herself, even pouncing a bit at me to get my attention, not that she hasn't had it for 3 weeks straight out.

      I don't want to push my luck, so I will stick with the chicken for now and not try to add anything else to it. She has always been fussy, so I will wait to add real dog food. We have a vet visit tomorrow am. Here's hoping the vet will also notice a change for the good.

I have tried to be much more positive in my thinking, a necessary change, since I spent one whole night thinking that it would be Sadie's last. It is definitely not good to be so pessimistic, that's for sure.

     So, while I am writing this, Sadie is having a nap, and I am listening to Rita MacNeil. The day is a bit grey, though there was some sun this morning. More rain to come, but today I can handle that.

I thought I heard a timer, about 5 minutes ago.......and I did. I managed to rescue the cake before it over cooked. (I prefer to say over cooked, than burned :).

I want to say thanks to the bloggers I follow, for their words and pictures. Some days, they are the only things I am interested in.

Blessings to all.

Sadie & me


  1. Ohm Bonnie, I am so glad to hear that Sadie is doing better.
    I love Rita MacNeil,was sad to hear of her passing away last year

    Keep the positive thoughts going.


    1. I'm trying Margie. We're both doing better. xx

  2. I hope the sun today helped lift both your spirit, and Sadie's.
    Love you both,
    H. xo

    1. It was so nice, but the wind almost picks S up. Love you too.

  3. I'm so glad to hear that Sadie is a little better and starting to eat again. I do hope the improvement continues. Some spring weather would help too, so I hope you see some soon.

    1. Sadie is just so fussy, but she is doing better. Spring sun would really help.