Friday, April 4, 2014

Nice Day (for a change)

As I am usually found whining on this page about the weather, I want to change my tune for today. Tomorrow not so much, but I do need to say that today was very nice. It started out this morning with blue sky and a few clouds, with the sun shining. As the day progressed the sun grew warmer and the temperature rose to about 6 C. Nice.

Now, a bit of a smile, compliments of a friend. I found this in my inbox a few days ago.

If my body were a car,
I would be trading it in for a new model.
I've got bumps, dents, scratches and my headlights
are out of focus.
My gearbox is seizing up and it takes me hours
to reach full speed.
I overheat for no reason
and every time I sneeze, cough or laugh
either my radiator leaks or
my exhaust backfires.

Two little squirrels were playing tag around the garden rose bush. They are eating the rose hips I think. I didn't know they would eat them.

                                                       I caught a pictue of one of them.

I moved the bird feeders today, again. The wind had blown them off the branches and they had lain in the snow for a few days. It was nice outside, and the chickadees chattered at me, as though they were telling me it was about time I put some fresh seeds out. I am hoping the squirrels can't get into them this time.

Rain tomorrow......I am not going to say a word, this time.......


  1. Did it rain today?
    How wonderful you had a nice day on Friday.

    It was a bit chilly here today but still a nice day for a walk.
    Take care, Bonnie.

    1. Ah yes, Margie. It did indeed rain, most of the day. I think today will be better. The forecast is for better, warmer days so I am happy about that. Hope all is well with you. Blessings

    2. It rained (stormed, really) all night last night - couldn't sleep a wink! But at least it's the weekend and I can catch up if need be. Love the little bird feasting on the rose hips - so sweet. <3

    3. I'm glad you were blessed with a fine day at last, Bonnie, and wish you many more of them. i enjoyed the email from your friend. :-)

  2. Bonnie,
    I can see why my poem of today made you feel sad.
    It made me sad when I was writing it.
    But all's well that ends well.