Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Little Bit Here and There

     It has been a quiet morning. Sadie decided it would be good to copy yesterday and get up at 5:30. The sunrise was lovely, the birds were singing their 'welcome the new day' songs, and all was well. Dare I hope that spring has finally arrived. There is some green grass, and the crocus are up. The snow has even disappeared from the ditches. Now the sky is cloudy, and my thermometer says 57F. I am not sure what that is in Celsius, but I'm guessing it's close to 10 or 11 perhaps a bit higher.

You might ask why I have a thermometer in F. The answer is that was all we could find. There is a period during the apple season when we must monitor the temperature for a certain bug hatch. Even though the Captain has retired, I can help Dawn out by keeping track of the temperature.

Dawn has been busy, trying to get some pruning done in the orchard. The weather has not made it easy for her, but she has accomplished quite a bit. Soon, she will be going straight out. There will be spraying for the trees, planting her garden, then the raspberries, with many other chores in between.

It is time for me to get out and do some sprucing up in the yard and little garden. I sure hope my energy returns.

Lots and lots of lambs have been arriving at H's farm. Can't wait to see them. I hope I can get out there soon.

As I have been writing this, two runners have passed by, short sleeves on one. Sadie is keeping a good watch out the window for anything that is moving.
I also received a text just now, saying that my granddaughter's choir will be singing for Prince Charles, in May, in Halifax.

Sadie seems to be doing ok. She is still not eating as she should, but we soldier on.

                                           HAPPY EARTH DAY TO ALL


  1. 57F is almost 14C, so things are definitely warming up for you, Bonnie. Add to that the fact that lambing is underway and it sounds like spring has arrived for you at last. Glad Sadie seems to be doing OK and I do hope her appetite returns. Finally, what splendid news about your granddaughter's choir - that's very exciting. :-)

  2. Sounds like it's a very good day.
    57F is almost balmy considering how your weather has been.
    It's 75F here today. Smiles :)

    So glad Sadie is doing well.
    Wonderful news about your granddaughter's choir singing for Prince Charles.

    Happy Earth Day, Bonnie