Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Comfort and Joy

The wind was softly blowing
On that cold, clear winter’s night
And on the hillside, watching shepherds
Gazed at stars so bright.
And then in fear and trembling
They heard the angelic throng.
“Glory to God in the highest,”
Was their joyous song.

The shepherds hastened from the hillside
To a stable in Bethlehem town.
Before a manger where the Christ Child lay,
They worshiped and bowed down.
It was almost beyond their comprehension,
But in their hearts they understood
That this Babe in lowly manger
Had come for mankind’s good.

From the loving Heavenly Father
Came this tiny baby boy
Who would bring in infinite measure
Love and peace, comfort and joy.

We celebrate this Christmas
In the shadow of the cruel tree
Upon which the Savior gave His life
To bring salvation to you and me.
Let us open our hearts to this Christ Child,
As shepherds and magi did long ago,
And bow in adoration
Of the One who loves us so.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Perpetua. I wrote this for a Christmas Cantata we did many years ago.