Monday, December 8, 2014

Professor Should

I had a long discussion with Professor Should today. We meet periodically, usually when I am stressed. She shows up unannounced and we begin our session.

The Professor doesn't listen, she usually natters on about all the things I should do.......the result of this session:

Professor Should says;

You should be getting all those decorations out of the attic, and start making this place Christmasy.

Don't you think you should decorate the outside more?

If you were a good mom and grandma you should be making all kinds of Christmas goodies.

You should get that tree up soon!

You still have shopping to do. You should get that done in the next few days!

Haven't you got those cards done yet? You should finish them tomorrow!

Should, should, should!

There were also some 'should nots':

Should not take an afternoon nap. It wastes time.

Should not say 'no' to things people ask you to do.

Should not spend time on the computer - waste of time

Should not go to bed so early.....

After our session, which lasted most of the day, I finally left, slamming the door thinking.....

     You, professor, should go should yourself'.


  1. I wouldn't let that professor inside anymore!

    1. She is very persistent always knocking on my door.

  2. Tell Professor Should she's been demoted by Dr. Shut Up! ♡

  3. I think it's okay to spend time with Professor Should. Listen to her recommendations, but don't let her boss you around! You *should* do whatever you really want.

    1. Sometimes I let "should" push me around, but most times I can put her in her place. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  4. What you should do is only what you really have to and want to. All the other shoulds can be ignored. I haven't put a single decoration up yet.

    1. I haven't started decorating yet either, but I also don't have a broken wrist. Just pulling boxes out of the attic was enough for today. Then I treated myself to a coffee at me favourite coffee house, and had a visit to the library. This was followed of course by the afternoon nap. :)

  5. I was just going to say "You should fire Professor Should!" when I read Heather's comment. It is so much more reasonable. Sometimes that Professor has some good advice. Other times not as much. It's her tone of voice with which we don't like at times. We should tell the Professor to make kinder suggestions. Wonder what she'll say then?

    Anyway, just stopping by to say hello and wish you a Happy Holiday season, Bonnie. Hope all is well!

    1. Good to hear from you, Kathy. Extending the Season's best wishes to you. I think "should" will probably be a part of my thought processes, but I shall try to follow Heather's advice as much as possible.