Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Saturday: Everything is covered with a dusting of frost this morning, like powdered sugar.

Tree went up yesterday, with lights (though they are not sitting evenly on the branches). I turned them on this morning in the early darkness, and they actually didn't look as bad as I thought they would. They shall stay that way.

I don't know what it is that causes me to have so much trouble getting into some sort of Christmas Spirit. I keep blaming it on baggage from years past.

Monday:  Well, I must tell you about my Sunday afternoon. My granddaughter is in a choir, as I have mentioned on other occasions. There was a special Christmas concert yesterday, with Lindsay's choir and two other youth choirs from our area. The music was absolutely beautiful. What great gifts the two directors have, to take a multitude of children from very young to older teens, and create music which at times actually makes you tingle. My friend P joined me and she really enjoyed it too. It is a huge commitment for both the directors and the young people.

This morning P and I visited a very talented J who has talents galore. She has no less than 6 decorated trees in her home. Themed trees, like the gingerbread tree and the nutcracker tree. Oh my, they are so beautiful. You definitely know it is Christmas with her beautiful, mostly home made decorations about. Everything is so beautiful. She has a big, old home, the type that suits all the decorations. Of course, she loves to decorate, and it shows in the presentation of the various rooms.

I think I may have a theme for my forlorn little tree - "Teddy Bears and Snow people, silver balls and some odds and ends". No, that's much too long..... Ah well.......That's the best I can do. Some folk just have that special knack, and J"s got it!

 Tuesday: Early morning found me watching the tree lights in the dark and adding a few final ornaments, holding the home made ones from my granddaughters' early years, and placing a few teddy bears for Sadie, who for the first time in many, many days decided that she wanted to play with one. She pounced on it and shook it, and then had a coughing spell, then pounced again. Bless her little struggling heart, she is now having a good snooze, which is how she spends most of her days now.

We are, as I always seem to say, 'hanging in', one day at a time.

Christmas is getting very near.........


  1. I'm glad your tree is up and you and Sadie are enjoying it, Bonnie. I haven't done a tree since the children stopped visiting us for Christmas and we started visiting them, but I still miss having one.

    The children's choir concert sounds wonderful and I'm always amazed at the high standard these performances reach.

    1. As the grandkids get older, it is harder to get the interest to put up a tree, but I now have it decorated at least. I suppose I will continue until they are both off on their own, but I'll see. Have a blessed Christmas, Perpetua.

  2. Merry Christmas Bonnie.
    Have missed visiting you but been having hard days with Jake but he's on the mend :)
    I finally posted, it's a miracle ...LOL
    I bet your tree looks wonderful, enjoy it, I know I love mine


    1. So glad Jake's on the mend. Tree looks ok. Lots of felted bears hand from the branches. Wishing you all the best in the New Year.