Saturday, June 11, 2016

Some New News....

I am delighted to say that my daughter has adopted two sweet little boys.........boy kittens, that is. They are just as cute as they can be at ten weeks old. They are rescue kittens, and litter mates.
I tried to get a few pictures, but they moved around quite a bit, and perhaps were a bit nervous, as it was the first evening with their 'new family'. I deleted more pictures than I kept, because most of them looked like this.....

This one would have been nice if he hadn't moved

I caught this one eating. At least he was still.

This little one's name is Sully  No Name but his brother  is called
NTBD......(Name to be determined)...Sully

Sully   No Name playing with paper

 Since my Sadie left me, and Dawn's dog died, I have had few chances to cuddle four footed creatures, except for my trips to Heather's to see their flock, cat and dog.
Should I admit that after spending 1&1/2 hrs with the kittens last night, I just had to stop in for a short visit at noon, to see how they made out on their first night in their new home. They are quite content it seems to me.  Did I mention that they are so cute?

I took a few pictures of the evening sky. It had been overcast all day, and then in the evening it brightened quite a bit.

An old bean thrasher on its last legs. We used to use
it many years ago. The Captain wanted to use it
for a farm sign, never happened.
Now it just lies there, falling apart little by little.
The best laid plans.....

That's the exciting news this week. I am sure I will post more about these little guys.

I have corrected the little guys' names........


  1. Hello Bonnie. I am delighted to hear about the new baby puss cats. Maybe we could become paw pals? I have lots of paw pals all over the world, but another two baby puss cats would be lovely and I could give them lots of top tips. Lots of purrs Squeak

    1. I shall see if they would like to be paw pals. Sending scritches and hugs to you, Squeak.

  2. Dear Bonnie, I think you're in love! Kittens and puppies - who can resist? I like your sky shots and the golden light behind the old thrasher.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Barb. The kittens are just delightful. Thanks for your kind comments on the pictures.

  3. Enjoy those little critters every chance you get.

    1. I will even make up excuses (though I guess I don't really need them :), to go and give them cuddles.

  4. The kitties are adorable! I can see why you came back for a second time. Bet you've been back to pet and cuddle many times since!

    1. You are so right Kathy. They are the sweetest fur balls. :)