Monday, June 20, 2016

Weeks' End

First off, I need to correct a part of my last post. I had my little greatgrandkitties' names confused. The one I called Sully was actually the no name one, so I stand corrected. No name actually has a name now, though it took over a week to get one. His name is Piper, and it fits him to a T. Both have loud motors, and are most comfortable now in their new home. I managed to stay away for about 4 days, until this morning, when I just had to get down there and see the boys, especially since Piper just got his name last night. :) Oh my goodness they are so sweet. I love them to pieces.......

I managed to do something to my back this past week, but it is much better now. I put together a rather large bookcase, last week, and then on Tuesday, I picked up a heavy file box, full of books. The next morning........I knew I had done something I shouldn't have done.  Needless to say I didn't get much done for two days, but today has been better, though there is just a twinge.

I have decided that after having the racoon take off with my good bird feeder
that I would make due with two cheapy feeders from the Dollar Store.
They are working out well, and only once has the racoon returned to steal the 
copper one, but he didn't get far with it for some reason and I was able
to rescue it the next day.
I have also decided that the little sparrows or sparrow like birds are
quite fascinating. I am having trouble figuring out exactly what kind they are for 
sure. They have neat little songs, and one at least doesn't seem to mind me 
sitting there and watching, even taking a picture or two. For all
the above pictures I am less than 4 feet from them. I have also taken
some with my phone, putting them on instagram.

This is the bird feeder thief, peering through the 
branches and daring me to try to get the feeder back.
I give up pal, it's all yours. (for now)

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  1. Take it easy on that lifting stuff. Having a sore back is no fun.Enjoy those birds and the kitties.