Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sunday Adventure

I had a very delightful afternoon with Dawn this past Sunday. Following Church and lunch, we went to Blue Beach. It was a warm afternoon, and a little bit of a walk was ahead of me, but I had high hopes that I would be okay, not really knowing what was coming.

After parking, we headed down a path through the woods, and I am not sure how long it was but I managed to walk it, stopping only once or twice.

Blue Beach is an ocean rock beach,where the Avon River empties into the Bay of Fundy, and is known for the fossils of the lower carboniferous period that a person can find on the beach itself. At most, you find common fossils, but I think that rare ones have been found in the past. I walked the beach with Dawn for a short distance, then found a nice log to sit on while Dawn carried on further along the beach.

I am not sure how long we spent on the beach, but the walk back out was very hard on the old legs, probably because of the heat and going uphill. Dawn was very patient with me, though I seemed to have to stop every 10 steps or so. However, I MADE IT! Even with the pain, as I have said before, it was totally worth it. Having Dawn hold my hand and her patience with me, enabled me to accomplish the hike up to the parking lot.

 I am sharing some of the pictures I took on the beach.

Somewhere, over there, across the water is
Heather's Ironwood Farm.

The cliffs are soft shale and sandstone, which erode
rapidly with the storms and tide and there are always
new discoveries because of this.

Above is what is known as Paleophycus or worm burrows.
There were a lot of these on the shore.

I think these folks were fishing for some kind of bass

My resting place

Here is a tree that is still clinging to the side of the pathway with
a lot of its roots bare and uncovered. I thought it looked really neat.


  1. Bonnie - good for you! What a beautiful, scenic walk. How interesting that you can find fossils on the beach. It sounds like you had a great time. I'm glad Dawn is so kind and helpful to you.

    1. Both my girls are great supports, in more ways than one. We did have a really nice time.

  2. Glad you got to go and enjoy this place,even though it took extra effort.

    1. Thanks Ruth. If I didn't push myself in spite of the physical aches and pains, I would be doing absolutely nothing. Have to give it a try.