Saturday, June 4, 2016


       I have been sitting for the last twenty minutes or so, just watching the birds that are coming to my bird feeder. In my attempts to keep the seeds away from the squirrels, I have hung the feeder in a different place, where there are no branches for the squirrel to use as a jumping off spot. I wondered if the birds would come, and as I watched, a goldfinch, a chickadee and a purple finch came to eat.

      It didn't take to long, and there was the squirrel sitting on a branch about eight inches away from the feeder. He reached out, stretched and put his front feet on the top of the feeder. The feeder twirled and the squirrel did a flip, still clinging to his branch. He did this sort of 'trick' several times, but he didn't give up. Eventually he managed to get to the middle part of the feeder and was able to get a few seeds. It was a very precarious perch and he ended up falling to the ground. Perseverance must be his name, since he ran across the grass, back up the tree to the same branch and did the same thing all over again. It seems that I can not win this game that 'Percy' is playing with me. It is as if he is saying to me, "Ha ha ha, you can't get ahead of me..." I think perhaps he may be right.

You can just see the branch that he stretches from
(upper middle)

He slips and slides as he tries to get the seeds.
He does get one at a time, eats it, and puts his
head down for another.

He has just landed on the ground, whoomph! though
he doesn't seem to be hurt at all

He just happened to bring a seed with him, and needs to eat 
to build up energy for his next foray.

     He is a cute little fellow, but I am not buying bird seed for him, even if he is a talented athlete. I shall get my handy dandy saw and cut off a bit of the branch and see if that will make a difference.

     Well, on another topic, I have been hearing this buzzing sound in my head for over a year now, and I finally saw an the specialist, and also had the hearing test. My hearing is good in the normal range, but apparently it is the high range that is my problem. It has to do with the nerves and the cells dying due to my age, and although I still can't understand all of it, this buzzing is the result......not too much I can do about it. I could get a hearing aid just to shut out the noise......maybe, but for now I will just live with it, knowing that there is nothing else wrong with my ears or my head. (As far as the hearing go, that is.....)

That's all for now.....


  1. I have spent many years trying to outwit the squirrels and unfortunately,I have to admit,they always win.I have had a few good laughs at their expense,though.

    1. I am afraid that the little squirrel lost a battle with the cars on our road. It's not exactly how I wanted to win the battle.

  2. Gosh, sorry to hear about the buzzing noise in your head, Bonnie. It must be hard to always have in there. Hugs.

    1. At least now I know it is nothing to be upset about.I had thoughts of lumps or tumours. Hugs back to you.