Saturday, February 9, 2013


We are getting the promised storm, and the wind is blowing the snow around. There are whiteouts, where I can not even see the house across the road. It is strange to see the road bare in places as the wind whips it and piles up drifts further along and across the pavement. It is nasty. I haven't noticed any cars going by, and that tells me that most people up here are smart enough to stay off the roads.

Drifts are building up across the yard, and it has been interesting watching the birds. I don't know how they manage. A while ago, there were about 20 birds, all on the side of the drift, pecking away at something with the wind catching them and blowing them sideways. Perhaps the wind has blown seed there, because I can't think of anything else. These little birds do have trouble flying against the wind, but they are still managing to come to the window feeders. They take cover in the cedar tree, then venture forth again. Two pheasant also made their way to the cedar, looking for feed on the ground. Hope they found something.

Stores and malls are closed, wisely, and we are due for another round of snow this afternoon. This storm seems to have all of Nova Scotia in its grip.  I am concerned for the coastal towns, as there is also a forecast for storm surges, along with extremely high tides.
Old man winter is definitely not finished with us yet.


  1. Do stay safe, Bonnie. It looks very bad on the TV news reports over here, so you're in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. It is dark now, and still snowing and blowing. Our small coastal towns of Shelburne and Liverpool have flooding because of the high tide and storm surge. It looks pretty bad. It is hard to tell how much snow has fallen because of the wind. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.