Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oh Joy.......

I found myself just sitting, gazing, staring out the window, watching the branches on the crab tree bounce and dance in the wind. I am not sure how long I had been in that trance like position, but I seem to do it quite often lately.

We have had a round of freezing rain and more is expected, since the valley school board has cancelled school. Right now, the road in front of me seems fine, and the temperature is above zero. I can't guess what the rest of the day will bring. The birds are franticly feeding. Perhaps they know more than I do.

Yesterday, I took a couple of pictures showing the tracks in the snow where the pheasant have come across the field in search of the bird seed that the wind has scattered around. The pheasant are very skittish, and are always on guard, running from any movement. They will startle at my moving past the window. I am amazed that they notice that. They half fly, half walk back to the safety of the woods.

I am looking forward to a trip to Halifax on friday with Dawn, and meeting up with Heather and E., to take in a show with Stuart McLean. He is a very popular radio host on the CBC, and a great story teller, with his tales of Morely and Dave, on the Vinyl Cafe. He travels all over Canada, and the USA, and I think he has even taken his show to the UK, though I might not be right on that front.
He tapes his travelling shows, then they are played on the radio. He has been doing this for years.

Dear Sadie is going with me so that she can visit her Halifax family, E & D. I am wondering how she will react when she realizes that her best puppy pals are no longer there. She has played with Jerry and Simba since she was a puppy, but sadly, both have died. I wonder how much dogs remember.
We will stay overnight, heading home on Saturday, as both Dawn and Heather are walking in "The Coldest Night of the Year" to raise money for the homeless. I would walk if I could, but will have to satisfy myself with sponsoring both teams. Dawn says I have to do that, 'cause I'm their mom.
Here's hoping the weather will co-operate for both the Halifax trip and the walk.

I find it hard to get going most mornings, but I must get up and get baking. The community card party is tonight and I must prepare a plate of sweets.
Sadie's hungry too, so this is it, for now.
A HEAVY rain is falling now....
Oh joy........

ps..I finished making squares, interupted once by a DOWNPOUR in the bathroom......Quick, grab the buckets....then put the squares in the oven to the tap, tap, of the drop, drop, drops.
Once again.......oh joy........


  1. Gosh, it sounds cold over there, Bonnie! Have a lovely trip to Halifax and enjoy the show. I hope the sponsorship raises lots of money for the homeless.

    1. It is much nicer today Perpetua. The sun makes all the difference. The Valley teams raised quite a lot of money, and were very pleased with the results. The show was great.

  2. Bonnie, I hope you have a wonderful time. Glad you are there to support your loved ones. As for sitting in a trance staring out the window...I think that is a gift. Those who die too young never get to experience the simple staring out the window, the watching of the chickadees, the marking of tracks. I used to wonder why "older" people did that. Now I am learning it is one of the best things to do in life.

    1. Perhaps they are called 'senior moments', when you just space out for a time. I do that quite easily, no matter where I am, except for when I am driving, of course.