Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to Get a Headache...

 I thought I would have a good practice at the piano, this afternoon, as it is choir night, and so I did. Sadie settled in on the couch, (she always does this when I play) and I started to play, first the songs for Sunday, and then a good go at a few pieces by Mr. Bach. Not difficult pieces, mind you, but ones that I can't just "wing it" as I sometimes do.

I would dearly love to play well, but I don't know if I have enough years left to do that. But, if I work, perhaps I will be able to play better than I do now.

The Captain was out, so I played and played, and then when I stopped, I realized that I had given myself a headache. This, said I to Sadie, is definitely not a good sign. Oh well.

My piano is a very old upright, in need of tuning. Make a note, call the Piano Tuner. It belonged to the Captain's mother, and had spent a year in her house, without heat, then moved by the Captain and his brother to our house in Shelburne. Then it was moved here. The first time I had it tuned, it could not be brought up to pitch, and even now it isn't, but when tuned it sounds pretty good. There are just a few notes that are off, so I think I got my headache from not using my glasses half the time. It's either that, or my playing itself. :) I wonder......yeah, that's probably it....

I'm pretty sure it is over 75 years if not more.
Have a great day, without any headaches. They are no fun at all.

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  1. I'm sure it wasn't the music but the lack of glasses, Bonnie. I've always wished I'd learned the piano instead of the violin as a child. I wasn't much good at the violin, but could learn it for free at school, whereas my parents would have had to pay for piano lessons and money was tight. Ah well......

    Keep playing and enjoying it.