Sunday, February 10, 2013

The storm has almost blown itself out now, and midday finds the snow still being swirled and piled by the lessening wind. It is not a good day to be on the road. Church and other events were cancelled for today. Yesterday was a lost day, with extremely high winds, blowing and falling snow, white outs, storm surges and extra high tides. I know of at least 2 coastal towns that were hit with flooding, and high winds. The Historic Properties in Shelburne was flooded, other places had flooding, or docks destroyed, and waves thundering over the breakwalls. It is sad to see the damage.

Up here on the mountain, we just experienced the strong wind and snow. At times I could not see the house across the road..The most amazing thing is that we did not lose power, except for a few seconds, through the night on Friday. Even now, we are not plowed out. Our driveway has a couple of very high drifts. A neighbour just visited, and had a difficult time getting his truck in our driveway far enough that he wouldn't stick out on the road. It is hard to tell how much snow has fallen, but Greenwood Base noted that there was 51cm on the ground there. That is down in the valley.

I went out to feed the birds first thing this morning, and I sure didn't stay out very long. The birds are hardy creatures.

I am posting some pictures, though they do not really show the extent of the storm, you can see where there are drifts and bare ground.

I am looking forward to reading a good book this afternoon, and perhaps doing a little felting. I have a new bear on the go.

As far as I know everyone up here fared alright this weekend. Some dear soul is right now plowing the driveway with a blade on a four wheeler. I don't even know who it is, because he's wearing a bellaclava. Whoever it is, bless him. The captain would have a hard time getting across the road to get the tractor. And now he is gone, just as fast as he appeared. Eventually, I will find out and thank him.
Stay warm and safe.


  1. Glad that you came through the storm safe and with power.

    1. The day has brightened up quite a bit now. I'm just glad it is over.

  2. Thanks for letting us know you survived the storm unscathed, Bonnie. It's been such a bad one. Stay warm and comfortable inside until it's safe to go out again.

    1. Thanks Perpetua. Yesterday was much better, and I ventured out to Bible Study. Today, it has been raining. You have had some bad weather in the UK as well. Ah, Spring......