Monday, January 10, 2011

The Adventures of Timmy Bear

     I haven't much to write today, and so I thought I would put the first part of a little children's story I wrote a few years ago, on the blog. I wrote this when my first grandaughter came along.


            One day, little Timmy Bear was taking a long walk in the woods near his home.  He looked all around as he walked, at the pretty pink flowers, and the green leaves on the trees, and the birds that flew in the sky above.
            He loved the woods, and he was happy there.  Everything is so beautiful, he thought to himself.  I just love all the colours .  This is a very special place, and I’m glad that I live here.
            Suddenly, from out of nowhere, came a great bird, swooping out of the sky, and landing on the branch of the tree right beside Timmy Bear.
            “Wh….wh….wh…at is that?  Timmy looked up, and saw a big raven on the branch just above his head. “You scared me,” said Timmy.  “Do you always make that much noise when you land?”
            The raven looked down at Timmy, and then he started to laugh. “Haw, haw, I meant to give you a little scare!” said the raven.  “Your eyes got so big; I thought they would pop right out of your fuzzy little head!”
            Timmy didn’t think that what Raven had done was very funny at all, and he told him just that.
            “I like to surprise bears and squirrels and other birds, and foxes and owls and anything at all,” laughed Raven.  “It’s fun!”
           “Maybe for you it is,” said Timmy, “but not for us.  You should be nice to your friends here in the woods.  This is our home, and we should all try to get along, and especially not scare each other.”
            “And why should I do that?”  Raven was still laughing at Timmy.
            Timmy told Raven that they all had to live together, and they should try to be kind to each other.
            Raven told Timmy that he didn’t have to, because he wasn’t stuck here in the forest.  He could spread his wings and fly off into the sky, to the farms around, or to the town, or anywhere he wanted to, anytime he wanted to.  It didn’t matter if he wasn’t kind.
            Timmy Bear shook his head and looked very sad.  “I’m sorry if that’s the way you feel,” said Timmy.  “It’s nice to have friends.  We can look out for each other, and help each other and have fun together.  Don’t you want to be a part of that?”
            Raven just flapped his big black wings, and threw back his shiny black head, and laughed with a loud raaaaaaw.  Then, he took off from the branch, shouting to Timmy as he went.  “I don’t need friends.  I can do anything I want.  Nobody can stop me.”
            Soon Raven was out of sight, and Timmy began to walk again, but he wasn’t very happy now.  He was sad, because of what Raven had said.  Everybody needs friends, he thought.  Everybody needs somebody to care about them.  Poor Raven.  He thinks he’s happy, but I wonder if he really is.
       That's the first part......I'll leave the rest until tomorrow.

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