Wednesday, January 19, 2011

There He Is - Gone

     My little wild friends put on a show for me this morning.  I enjoy watching their antics, especially when the squirrels join the fun.  This morning was one of those times. 
     First of all, I have named the squirrels, since there are definitely two of them.  The first, I call Backyard, because that's where he comes from.  The second is Roadrunner, since he runs across the road to get to the feeder. (He's very brave.)
     When I first looked out the window, there was Backyard, sitting in the tray, enjoying his breakfast.  The chickadees buzzed him a bit, but he didn't seem to mind, and the chickadees just ate on the opposite side of the feeder.  There were quite a few Juncos on the ground, for the rain had uncovered seeds from before the snow.  I saw Roadrunner making his way to the tree, and I watched to see what would happen.  As Roadrunner arrived on the branch of the tree where the feeder hangs, Backyard popped to the branch and then to top of the feeder his eyes on Roadrunner.
     Of all the birds that come to the yard, the Mourning Doves are the only ones that seem to startle the squirrels.  Roadrunner is sitting on the branch and Backyard on the top of the feeder, facing off, when a Mourning Dove flew into view heading for Roadrunner's branch.  Well!  Roadrunner raced down the tree with great speed and probably headed for home, and Backyard totally disappeared.   I watched for a few minutes, but there was no sign of Backyard.  The doves helped themselves to a snack and went about their business.
     Perhaps ten minutes later, I looked out and there on the top of the feeder, I could see what looked like a squirrel's head, but no body.  I looked again, thinking I was seeing things.  Then slowly, Backyard wiggled his way through the very small opening in the feeder lid and resumed his feeding.  He had actually hidden inside the feeder tube.  The opening is narrow, perhaps the width of my little finger, and maybe two inches long, certainly no bigger.  Amazing. I chuckled out loud.  What a smart little guy.  It lifted my spirits.
     I wonder what I will see tomorrow.


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