Friday, January 14, 2011

Moving Things Around

     I thought today would be a good day to move a bookcase in my den.  I was just going to rearrange a few things, that's all.  Oh yeah!  It never fails, that when you move or change one thing it usually entails moving many things.  Before you know it, the whole afternoon has been spent taking books off shelves, and out of cabinets, so that you can put other things in their place.  Now.... what to do with the things you took out and don't have room for?  Well, of course, you move other things.  Some things, you take out of a drawer, look at, put on desk for consideration, and then, after a passage of time, you put it back in the same drawer, because you don't know what else to do with it.  What I need is wall to wall shelves and drawers.......on second thought, scratch that idea.  I get the shudders just thinking about rearranging them.
     I am satisfied with my afternoon accomplishment, although that was all I did.  I had really intended to paint 2 cards, but now that job will have to wait for tomorrow...... 

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